Weak Chain II Documentation

What is Weak Chain?
Using Weak Chain options
Choosing the team
Statistic Information window
Adding new player
System requirement

Adding new player

It's very easy to add new player to the game. Go to the team menu and press "Add New Player" button. A window will appear. Press button "Browse" and give the path of the picture of the player. If you don't insert any picture, then a default picture will be put instead. Choose difficulty of the player, insert first name, last name, profession and age, but in Russian. After you have filled all the form press "Add New Player". Then you will be asked to fill the form again, but this time in English. After you have filled it too press "Add New Player" button again and the new player will appear in the team menu next time you run Weak Chain II.

Note: If you don't want to fill the Russian or English forms, then just don't fill them, but if you press Change Language button in the team menu, it won't translate the new players details into the language you have omitted while filling the form.

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