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What is Weak Chain?
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You must know all the hints which you'll learn soon, because it will be very difficult for you to play the game without them. One of the most important things is that you must write your answer only in lowercase letters, even if you are going to write a name or country. The second thing is that you have better to give a short answer. You can give long answer too, but by giving a short answer you will save your time. For example if there is a question: "Where is located the biggest pyramid in the world", you must answer "egypt". instead of answering "in egypt". The both answers are right, but "egypt" is the shortest and the easiest type of answer. The next thing is that when you are voting, don't write players name in the text box. Just click on the name of the player, which is written below and his or her name will be written in the text box automatically. And the last and the most important thing. If you see, that you can't answer the question just click "Answer". Don't think more than 20 - 25 seconds.

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