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First of all you must know the rules. The game consists of 7 rounds. In the first round, you will be given 3 minutes (by default the duration of the round is 3 minutes). When the game starts, you will be given a question. After each right answer, you will see that the chain, which is on the left of the screen, will change it's color from blue to red. You will notice that every peace of the chain has a number on it. It shows you how much money you have already earned. But if your or someone else's answer is wrong, then you'll lose all the money. So if you see that you cannot answer the question press button "Bank". By pressing this button, you'll put all the money you have earned into the bank. You can't lose that money. After you answer the question, another question will be given to the other player. You can't press any button when the computer is playing, but you can watch how other players play. When the time is up, it's time to vote. You have to choose one player, which played bad or whom you don't like, and write his name in the text box or simply click his or her name. After you have voted all other players will vote and the player whom the team voted the most will leave the game, but if some of the players get the same number of votes, then the strongest link (the best player) of the round must choose one of that players. The duration of the next round will be ten seconds less. When there are two players left and one of them is you, you will play the final round. Each of you two will be given five questions. The player who answers most of the questions will get all the money. If after five questions you two give the same number of right answers, then the game will be continued until one of you will give a wrong answer.

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