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MagyViewer is a protected picture files viewer program used by MagySecure 2004. When you protect picture files and then try to open them, they are opened by MagyViewer (by default). Though MagyViewer was created for viewing protected picture files, it also has some good features:

  1. Image Options > Zoom
    With this feature you can zoom the photo, or set it to "Auto" (by default).
  2. Image Options > Rotate
    With this feature you can rotate the picture to left or to right and also flip the picture horizontally or vertically.
  3. Image Options > Effects
    With this features you can add some effects to the pictures. Currently there are just four, but mostly used effects: emboss, sharpen, smooth, diffuse.
But the main advantage of using MagyViewer instead of other applications for viewing protected picture files is that it can automatically open multiple files with a single password. For example if you secured 10 pictures and gave them the same password, then by just opening one of them, you can view all the others by pressing "Left" or "Right" Arrow buttons on the keyboard or by pressing "Space" button for slide show. For starting or ending the sideshow use "Space" button.
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