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Securing Folders

For securing a folder, first of all, you must change the category of file (from the combo box situated at the top-left of the window) to "Folder",

then navigate to the folder to be protected by selecting the drive, from the combo box, situated at the top-right of the window, and the folder, from the folder list, situated below "drive" combo box. After doing all these you will see the name of the folder to be protected in the "Folder Name" text box. Now enter the password into two: "Password" and "Confirm" text boxes and press "Secure" button.
But you can also protect you folder in a better way, by just right clicking on the folder you want to protect, in Microsoft® Explorer, and selecting "Lock folder" from the pop up menu. This will make MagySecure 2004 to appear and you will only need to enter the password and press "Secure" button.

Note: You cannot protect the folders which contain MagySecure 2004. (eg. if MagySecure 2004 is installed in "C:\Program Files\Magy\MagySecure 2004", then you cannot protect any of the folders which are contained in the absolute path of MagySecure 2004: Program Files, Magy, MagySecure 2004).

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