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For opening "Options" window select "Tools > Options" menu from the main window. When the window appears you will see there three sections: "Program Manager", "Compression Options" and "Language".
In "Programs Manager" section you can customize the programs for opening picture and video files and also tell the program whether to delete the temporary decoded file after opening it or not. By default MagySecure 2004 uses MagyViewer program for opening picture files and MagyMediaPlayer for opening video files. All other file types are opened by their default applications. For viewing picture files we suggest to use MagyViewer because if you have a folder with some protected picture files, which are protected with the same password, then by opening only one of them you will be able to view all of them by just clicking "Next" or "Back" buttons in MagyViewer. If you use other picture viewer applications, then for viewing all files in the folder you will have to open each file, every time enter the password and then view it. "Delete temp file after opening it" option tells MagySecure 2004 whether to delete the temporary decoded file after opening it or not. Of course it is better to delete it after opening it, but sometimes in some computers the program which opens the temporary decoded file doesn't have enough time for loading the temporary decoded file (if the computer is slow or it is overloaded) before it is deleted.
"Compression Options" section deals with the file compression settings. In this section you can tell MagySecure 2004 to

  1. ask for the file compression level every time before securing anything by checking "Always ask before securing the file(s)" option.
  2. show the "Compression Level" window when the software is executed by checking "On start up show 'Compression Level' window" option.
  3. use the compression level you specified every time when the file is being protected by checking "Use the following settings" option and selecting one of the compression levels from "Compression Level" section.

In "Language" section you can select the language you want.

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