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Getting Started
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Getting Started

After you install MagySecure 2004 you can run it either by running it form Start Menu or by executing "MSecure.exe" file from the folder, where the software was installed. By default there are four applications in the folder where MagySecure 2004 is located: MSecure.exe, MSec.exe, MagyViewer.exe and MagyMediaPlayer.exe. You have access only to file "MSecure.exe", the main MagySecure 2004 program. Other programs are just used by MagySecure and are its dependencies. After running the software for the first time you have 30 days to register your version of MagySecure 2004. If you do not activate the software within that expiration period, you will not be able to use the software. For details on how to register MagySecure 2004 .

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