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Playing MagyPath

When you first run the game the first mapping of the green, yellow, red and cyan squares is displayed on the playing area. You start from the bottom row and climb to the top row stepping on the green squares adjacent to the current square. The square you stepped on changes its color to light gray and is joined to your path to the top row. The other squares of the path are colored dark gray. You can cross any distance along the path changing the current square. To get best results you shall always choose the shortest way to the top row.

If you are in situation when your way to the top line is closed by red or yellow squares, you have two choices:

  • To step on the yellow square (loosing one life) and open your way to green squares laying on the way to the top row.
  • To step on the green or yellow squares adjacent to the path but do not laying on the way to the top row. In this case the green squares are joined to the path and your score is reducing. But every time when you step on the green or yellow square the colors of some of squares are changed, You shall attentively watch at the playing area and when you notice that a way to the top row is opened by a green square, to pass to that square and to cut a path to the top row.

If you are in situation when there are no green or yellow squares to step on you will receive a message saying "No Way!". This means that the game is over.
Though by the logic of the game the cyan squares are unchangeable and you cannot step on them, but you can use bombs to blow them up. By clicking the bomb icon at the top-right corner of the screen in the Pocket PC version of the game or by selecting "Bomb Mode" menu in the Smartphone edition, you will activate the bomb mode (the cyan squares will become brighter). In bomb mode you can blow up any cyan square adjacent to your path. For doing that just click the cyan square you want to blow up. After blowing a cyan square it will become green and you will be able to step on it (Note: After blowing up a square the bomb mode automatically deactivates), but note: the cost of the bomb is 4 lives. If you have less than 4 lives or there are no cyan squares on the map then you won't be able to enter the bomb mode.

Every passage to a new level adds a new life to you. But you can also earn lives during the game. If during the game you see a glowing green square then it is a life. By stepping on that square you will earn a life. The positions of lives in the levels are fixed, which means that if you learn their positions you will be able step on them every time you will be playing the appropriate level. But note that the lives are not active from the beginning of the game, they will be activated later. (Hint: if the life square is not active and it is green or yellow, then by stepping on it you will lose the possibility earning it. If you know its position try to bypass it for earning it later).

When you pass to the square belonging to the top row the level changes and new mapping is displayed on the playing area. If you have no lives (the quantity of lives is zero) and you stepped on the yellow square, you fall down to the zero level and shall start the game from the beginning

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